Above is a picture a note and below is the contraption which was made one night in the late 60's and given to the young waitress.

Below is a drawing made and signed by Picasso in the 1920's and samples of his hand writing.  Note the simalarites of the drawing to the swizzle stick formation and of the handwriting samples to the writing on the notes especially note shapes of the letters         S  and   X


Below is a interesting drawing made early

in Picasso's career.  Note the earie similarity

to the swizzle stick sculpture made and given 

to the waitress.                                                           Below are more samples of Picasso


This picture below is interesting because it shows the back of the note where the man drew a stick figure with a different pen.  The part of the napkin that is torn out was used to make the "for Lorinda" flag for the top of the sculpture.

Jacqueline by Picasso.  Was she the red head at the Red Slipper Lounge?

Below is a picture of Picasso in his later years with Jacqueline which I found on the internet.

More to come!